The Every Other Day Diet Review – Does the EODD Plan Really Work?

The Every Other Day Diet Review – Does the EODD Plan Really Work?

The Every Other Day Diet, created by Jon Benson, is a new diet plan that claims that anyone can lose weight with this system. Having heard that a million times, it forced me to take a closer look. Read the Every Other Day Diet Review below and see for yourself whether the EODD plan really works.

What is the basis for the Every Other Day Diet, does it mean you only eat every other day? This was my first thought when I read about it, but although the name is a little misleading, this is far from the concept. Having recently found a new eating lifestyle that allowed me to lose weight quickly and keep it off without killing or starving myself, I am very aware of the other “diets” that are out there.

When I first heard about the Every Other Day Diet book it peaked my interest and I just had to go have a look. I watched the video and was stunned by what he was saying. I almost turned the video off when he said that he would be demanding you to eat carbs, pizza, burgers and sweets…but I kept listening.

A diet isn’t necessary, a lifestyle change in your eating habits is what has to take place and in order to find something that you will stick to. Whatever you choose can’t be too rigid; if it is, you are increasing your chances of failure.

I agreed with him about being able to eat your favorite foods every week, moderation with any “diet” or lifestyle eating habit is key. However, I disagreed with his “demand” of eating junk food like, pizza, burgers, sweets and other “bad” carbs. This kind of food is not good for you. You can enjoy your favorite foods and still lose weight, as long as your favorite foods (the “junk” people usually eat for the majority of their meals) are kept in the minority. Natural, whole foods are the best way to lose weight.

When you eat these foods and incorporate a healthy lifestyle of exercise, relaxation and the right supplements, only positive changes will result. I still think that the UltraMind Solution is a better choice, but for people who need more support and more guidance, the Every Other Day Diet may be a good fit. It is an inexpensive program with a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you need to lose weight or just want to be healthier in general you have nothing to lose but to give it a try.

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